Blue Whale 2

It was Blue Whale 2 for us today as we made our second journey for Season 2019 to the Perth Canyon and into the big blue. A fantastic spot by our guests onboard as an enormous Loggerhead Turtle bobbed past… now we weren’t expecting that! Turning back to meet this large individual, his lovely big eyes looked directly back at us and he seemed as amused with the situation as we were. Cyclone Veronica has certainly caused havoc along our northern coastline and turtles along with many other species of pelagic sea life can often be found in areas they are not known to frequent regularly. Watching carefully to make sure all was ok, our new friend took his time at the surface before disappearing back to the depths below and we hope he is finding a good feed to build his strength. Shortly after arriving in the Perth Canyon an exhalation erupted up ahead and we journeyed towards the feeding grounds of the Blue Whale. Our morning was busy as the wind conditions were stronger and lingered for longer than forecast, as the Blue Whales worked we worked too and it was very interesting to observe their focus to feed.

A glimpse of an unmistakable dorsal fin popped up and our first Sunfish for the Perth Canyon Season 2019 was sighted with much excitement. The brown silvery tinge below the surface gave away the size of this very large individual, the Perth Canyon is certainly providing decent meals for its visitors! An overall size of approximately 2.5 meters has this lovely Sunfish right up the list of some of the largest individuals we have sighted and he was travelling with an even larger companion… a Blue Whale. The Indian Ocean started to glow blue only a few meters away from our starboard side as it took a few moments for everyone to realise what exactly we were looking at. Finishing feeding underneath us the Blue Whale had come to the surface to replenish oxygen for the next sounding dive and we watched on in awe as this magnificent giants first exhalation soared after his dive down to the depths. The beautiful mottled grey broke through and we could see all of the cookie cutter shark wounds that have healed over time contrasting with the smoothness of the seven metre wide fluke. A very pretty dorsal fin was sighted on this individual who was stunning not only in appearance but also in size. A very special day out in the Perth Canyon with the magnificent Blue Whales and two unexpected but very exciting sightings as well!

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