Blue Whale off Rottnest Island

A surprise of a lifetime for our guests onboard today as we sighted a Blue Whale off Rottnest Island! The unmistakable exhalation was sighted up ahead as we journeyed into the Humpback resting grounds. The 5-7 meter high blow was followed by a beautiful, streamlined Blue Whale travelling solo just off Rottnest Island. Excitement flowed through the boat as everyone held their breath for the next resurfacing of the largest creature on our planet. The turquoise glow began to light up the Indian Ocean and the powerful exhale erupted skyward as this young Blue Whale revealed his magnificent mottled patterns. The Blue Whales of Western Australia are now making their way back towards summer feeding grounds located in the Bonney Upwelling and this young Blue Whale off Rottnest Island was finding his way on the migration path.

During the Autumn time (late March to mid May) we enjoy countless hours with our Blue Whales as they feed up in the Perth Canyon during our Blue Whale season. It is with great joy we were able to spend some time with this young adult and hopefully re-identify him in the catalogue or perhaps add this young individual as a new ID. Cruising at a speed of 12-14 kilometres per hour, the migratory movement of a Blue Whale is fast and efficient, much different from our slightly slower Humpback Whales! Wishing this Blue well for his journey ahead, we waved goodbye and watched on as he continued his way towards the migration path south and closer to the feeding grounds found deep in the Southern Ocean.

Changing our focus from turquoise blue movements below the surface, we now focused in on the darker shadows of our Humpbacks movements. It didn’t take long at all before we were in the company of a mother, her calf and escort pod all socialising together. The large mother Humpback began to pec slap and encouraged her young calf to do the same. A very special moment to watch as a female Humpback Whale taught her calf the Language of the Whales only meters away from us. Listening to the powerful thud as 1,000 kilograms landed on the surface was inspiring for her calf who quickly tried her best to copy mum and did a pretty good job for a 3-4 month old! A very special day whale watching from Perth for everyone onboard today.

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