Blue Whale Season 2020

Blue Whale Season 2020 is underway as hundreds of the worlds largest creatures gracefully make their way towards the Perth Canyon to find a buffet of krill awaiting them. During the Autumn months there is a large increase in the quantity of krill found in the waters of the Perth Canyon and with this increase in production we see a steady increase in Blue Whale arrivals. These Blues have spent the summer months feeding in the waters along the coastlines of South Australia towards Victoria and are now ready for their winter preparation. They will travel hundreds of kilometres to reach their next feeding grounds located in the Perth Canyon where for the next 2-3 weeks they will fill their bellies full of krill. During this time we have the special opportunity to meet the Blues and observe their behaviour and feeding patterns within the Perth Canyon on beautiful Autumn days.

The reason for this feeding extravaganza is for the next stage in the Blue Whales yearly migration journey. Shortly after their feeding time in the Perth Canyon they will begin their long voyage towards the Banda Sea where is is believed they will give birth and begin to raise the next generation of gentle giants. The warm, tropical waters of the Banda Sea also hold a deep water canyon system which provides a rich food source for the visiting Blue Whales. A truly remarkable migration and by the time the Blue Whales arrive back in the waters off Victoria in the early beginnings of summer they will have travelled over 10,000 kilometres. The life of a Blue Whale is focused on finding a strong food source to sustain the largest creature to have ever graced our planet. Thankfully, the Perth Canyon can provide the magnificent Blues with a reliable food source each and every year creating a perfect opportunity to meet these phenomenal individuals.