Blue Whale Season 2022 Begins

Blue Whale Season 2022 begins as a perfect autumn morning greeted us on our journey out to the Perth Canyon. A fantastic day for many who headed out on the calm seas of the Indian Ocean to enjoy the beginning of Easter with family and friends. Rottnest Island was already buzzing with the movement of boats all finding the perfect spot in and around the protected bays as we made our way out to deeper water. The shelf is always an interesting area to observe a lineup of small fishing dinghies making the most of the calm conditions as the ecosystem changes with the dramatically increasing depth contours. A huge splash on the horizon indicated that there was movement coming towards us as the ocean came to life with hundreds of spectacular Spinner Dolphins spiralling their way towards us.

One of the most incredible dolphin species to observe a large part of their communication with so many individuals in one area is surface activity which they take to the next level. Instead of any ordinary breach the Spinner Dolphins begin their spiral just below the waters surface before they launch so by the time they are airborne their bodies are spinning. It is a spectacular sight and even more so when many individuals all begin to launch at once. The hunt was on for food as we had between 500-1,000 Spinner Dolphins all around us, a truly spectacular sight. A tall, lofty exhalation indicated something much larger was also looking for breakfast as the unmistakable blow of a lone Blue Whale erupted just ahead of us. Approaching the area we could see that this lone traveller was wanting to keep a low profile and moved off from the area quickly. Our afternoon was then spent with a super-pod of cheeky, enthusiastic Striped Dolphins who showed off their matching aerodynamic surface skills. Skywards breaching and porpoising straight at us showed off their ability to manoeuvre with ease and no fish or squid would have a chance of outrunning these speedy dolphins. Blue Whale season 2022 begins and we look forward to seeing more of our Blues in the weeks ahead as well as our enthusiastic dolphin super-pods.

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