Blue Whale Tours Perth 2021

Blue Whale Tours Perth 2021 began today with an explosion of energy as a young Humpback Whale greeted us with spectacular surface activity before two magnificent Blue Whales emerged from the depths of the Perth Canyon. A lovely morning escorted us to the Perth Canyon as Albatross, Shearwaters and Gannets surrounded us while searching for their breakfast. A wonderful surprise was the distinctive surface activity of a young Humpback Whale as we excitedly approached. Watching carefully all was still until the ocean erupted and the young whale launched skywards in a full body, barrel role breach! Followed up with head lunging and more breaching we ecstatic to see this lively and enthusiastic young Humpback loving life in the waters off Rottnest.

Wishing him well for his journey ahead we continued towards the shelf and shortly after arriving a pod of Common Dolphins surged past our stern in a hurry, food was calling. A tall and strong exhalation rocketed high and the ocean began to glow blue as our first Perth Canyon Blue Whale sighting for season 2021 took place. Today was a great excitement to be out in the Perth Canyon with the Blues and see them happily feeding in a place they love, their favourite krill hunting grounds located just off Perth. Today we had two Blue Whales and they were both busily foraging with their enormous size such a big difference to the juvenile Humpback Whale we had spent time with earlier on in the day. Blue Whale Tours Perth 2021 started with enthusiasm and energy today as we enjoyed every moment with the magnificent cetaceans who visit these pristine waters.