Blue Whales in Australia

Blue Whale! The call went out and an enormous 22 meter Blue Whale surfaced only a few meters from our bow, he had been feeding in the depths of the Perth Canyon moments earlier. Hearing our approach he decided to introduce himself and we were amazed to watch this graceful Blue gently replenish oxygen while looking us over at the same time. A few minutes later it was time for him to get back to work and we all gasped in awe as the seven meter wide fluke was lifted above the Indian Ocean, a truly spectacular sight. The routine remained the same for this beautiful Blue as his downtime and surface time could be set to the exact minute as we prepared for each resurfacing. The enormous size of these individuals can be hard to fathom and it is when the mottled grey reflects the sunshine that the ocean begins to turn a vibrant turquoise blue. The area keeps growing larger and larger the closer they swim towards the surface until the six hundred plus kilometre per hour exhalation breaks the mesmerising scene!

Repeatedly lifting his fluke during his sounding dives provided very special opportunities for us to view the powerful peduncle and fluke that moves our Blue’s thousands of kilometres over their lifetime. Streamlined, sleek and graceful the fluke of a Blue Whale is an incredible design that even creates its very own waterfall. Healed Cookie Cutter shark bites could be sighted along the flanks of this individual which creates the unique mottled appearance we are familiar with. A good day for feeding for this Blue as he never moved too far from the original sighting grounds, honing in on the delicious krill that awaited below. Curious seabirds including Flesh Footed Shearwaters, Wilson Storm Petrels, Black Browed and Yellow Nosed Albatross surrounded us throughout the day. Along with a beautiful day we also enjoyed the company of the local Bottlenose Dolphins on our departure and arrival back to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. The largest treasures in the world can be found hidden in the Perth Canyon when with the Blue Whales in Australia.

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