Blue Whales Visit Perth

Blue Whales visit Perth today to the delight of all our Pod Members onboard as we had the opportunity of meeting two enormous Blue Whales cruising past the city of Perth. It was a lovely morning as we made our way out to the sighting grounds and noticed two tall blows just ahead. Approaching this pod we noticed the distinctive mottled grey skin and long back of the magnificent Blue Whale as not one but two surfaced side by side! It was an exhilarating moment for all onboard as we were now in the presence of two enormous Blue Whales cruising past the coastline just off Perth with the cranes of the Port of Fremantle on the horizon. The Blue Whales are currently migrating south just like the Humpback Whales to make their way towards their summer feeding grounds located in the Bonney Upwelling. It is a wonderful opportunity to witness them so close to Perth and a fantastic example of how important this southern migration pathway is for many different species.

Travelling with them for a while we marvelled at their awesome size and majestic movement, how wonderful to be in the presence of these incredible creatures. Navigating their way south we wished them well as we moved out to join the gathering Humpback Whale pods. The calves seemed determined not to let the Blue Whales completely steal the show as they showed off with curious approaches and some tail slapping. Two calves were socialising together as other pods rested in the area with the two mothers of the calves bringing their little ones together for playtime. The Humpback Whales have a little more time to spend in the resting grounds compared to the Blues as the mothers allow their calves time to rest, feed and of course socialise with other pods visiting the area. It was a magnificent day to meet so many wonderful cetaceans and for all of our Pod Members onboard a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to meet the two Blue Whales visiting Perth today.

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