Breach Before the Storm

We enjoyed the beautiful start to a lovely day as we made our way out and met two resting Humpbacks who were relaxing in the calm conditions before a large amount of splashing caught our attention off in the distance. On our arrival we could see two pods of Humpbacks actively communicating to each other as one would breach before the other would breach back, it was very entertaining to watch!

The amazement of watching 30+ tonnes of Humpback gracefully rise above the surface of the ocean below will never cease to amaze us and is incredible to watch. We are fortunate that breaching is a very big part of the Language of the Whales and one of the many spectacular surface behaviours that can be sighted when they start talking to each other. There was a mix of juveniles and adult whales within the bay this morning and possibly even a pregnant female who was moving quickly through the bay… she was very round!

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