Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Breaching Bremer Bay Killer Whales on an exhilarating day as we surged to the west before moving out to deeper waters with enormous male Blackberry airborne! It was a beautiful morning of sunshine and light winds as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and were excited to see which Orca family we would discover today. Shortly after arriving in The Patch a distinctive blow could be sighted to our starboard side and then it began, suddenly the momentum increased and within moments the entire family pod were off and racing with the swell as the Orca surge began. It was incredible to be part of the energy as we were surrounded with Orca launching through the swell and barrelling powerfully to the west. The enormous male Blackberry was right alongside us as he followed the rest of his family pod and created wonderful photo opportunities.

After a 7 mile surge we watched as the Orca regrouped and began heading back towards The Patch. Tracking with them we could see the focus and intent of matriarch CC who was leading the way. Eventually the calves were allowed a small rest as they lagged back from CC and Blackberry who made a right hand turn and began to move powerfully into deeper water. One loud tail slap from CC was all it took for Blackberry to explode from the Southern Ocean, launching skywards in breach after breach. His enormous weight could be heard landing and his extremely large pectoral fins slapped down with momentum. It was incredible to watch such a magnificent male display agility and strength as he continued with further breaching and tail lobbing. Our wonderful day was completed with one last goodbye from Razor, Blade, Nicki and Madison who seemed to be smiling through the swell back towards us as we departed The Patch, all smiles ourselves!

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