Breaching Humpback Calf

A gorgeous breaching Humpback calf put smiles on our faces today, the first breaching calf for the southern migration of 2019! Tail slapping in the distance first captured our attention and as we gently approached we could recognise the shape of a small Humpback calf… we wondered if this was one of the same pods from yesterday. It didn’t take long to confirm as that big white belly instantly took our attention and confirming the ID from fluke/dorsal fin images we were excited to re-sight this special mother and calf pod. Having enjoyed their stay overnight, both Humpbacks were now relaxing in the sunshine and making the most of their Rottnest Island holiday and the young calf was happy to see us, gently approaching with mum. 

The main sense for Humpbacks is sound and when we spend time with pods they will become familiar with the sound of our vessel. Due to our unique sound we could watch the body language of both mother and calf recognise us quickly and accept our company as we Joined The Pod. A few small vessels moved past and as they did so both mother and calf took shelter in our sound footprint, hiding close to us to avoid detection. The young calf seemed to disappear for a little while and we could just about guarantee he was having a feed of fresh milk. Shortly afterwards the spectacular breaching Humpback calf put on a beautiful display of breaching, head lunging and even a small tail lob. A beautiful morning to watch this little calf practice The Language of the Whales™ as we celebrated the first breaching Humpback calf for season 2019!

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