Breaching Humpback Calves

Breaching Humpback calves were jumping for joy as they socialised together in the morning sunshine with spectacular full body breaching. It was a beautiful day as we departed for the sighting grounds and it didn’t take long before a ruffling of white water caught our attention as a commotion began to take place. It was three seperate mothers and their calves who were beginning to converge together with much excitement. Suddenly one of the claves launched into full body breaching as the second largest began to peduncle slap repeatedly. It was incredible to watch as each calf tried their very best to outdo each other as even the mother whales joined in with some pec slapping. The smallest of the calves was a precious little one with a big white belly who was racing around with mum excitedly but seemed a bit too nervous to join in on the fun. 

Eventually it was rest time and the females made their seperate ways towards suitable areas of the resting grounds. All that activity deserves a good meal and the little ones seemed to be enjoying a drink of milk and relax time after all the mornings excitement. A fourth mother and calf pod were resting close to Rottnest Island when something seemed to startle them, possibly a juvenile shark or clump of seaweed as both mother and calf launched into breaching, peduncle slaps and tail slapping. A powerful display which rid the area of whatever had caused the disturbance as both mother and calf settled back into relax mode for the morning ahead. Breaching Humpback calves are truely incredible and never cease to amaze us with their unbridled enthusiasm and wonderful ability to make the most of every moment of fun!

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