Breaching in the Rain

The whales were breaching in the rain today and as we watched carefully through the haze the lean body of a juvenile Humpback would launch. Our morning experiences sighted four sub-adult Humpbacks all hanging out close to the abalone farm and every so often one would launch into a breach just to keep in touch with the others all around. That rain clouds lingered into the afternoon and they brought with them the most stunning rainbow which filled the sky and stretched out across Flinders Bay. A cheeky juvenile decided to enjoy this calm before the storm and began breaching near the rainbow, a beautiful sight to see! Relaxed and looking out for a friend this young whale hung around on the surface arching his back and playing with some seaweed before disappearing for a few moments. Reappearing with energy and launching into the sky he made a loud thud as his 30+ ton frame created quite the splash. A large weather front will be moving through this weekend and it is great to see these young Humpbacks have a comfortable and sheltered place to hang out in and wait for the worst of the weather to pass.

Breaching in the Rain Whale Watch Western Australia©_5

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