Breaching on the Humpback Highway

Breaching on the Humpback Highway as the first day of August sighted the Humpbacks moving north and communicating The Language of the Whales today in fine style. It was a beautiful winters day and with the coming storms forecast for the week ahead we made the most of the good weather and found ourselves moving towards the horizon as white water appeared and breach after double breach could be sighted in the distance. Arriving, we watched carefully when the large male launched skywards and a hug breach landed with an almighty splash. The female followed shortly after with some powerful pec slapping as the male continued to breach and we could see that this escort pod was not afraid to make some noise. Signalling their arrival into the area, they began to rest for a while until the male decided it was time to get going again and launched into a huge breach off our stern! They then began to cruise alongside us as they moved towards the cape and we wished them well for the long journey ahead towards the warm waters of the Kimberly.

The afternoon sunshine was lovely and the same Bottlenose Dolphins from this morning greeted us again as they moved past lunch… what was left of some cuttlefish as a Pacific Gull tried his best to nibble a small snack. A very young Humpback had begun to head lunge in the middle of the bay and as we approached we could see this was a yearling who had recently left mum. Seeming to be following some of the older whales around, this curious little Humpback came over for a closer look as he surfaced on our stern and made us all jump at his surprise approach. He continued on with a tail lob and even though at first seeming interested in the adults who surrounded us, decided it was best to head back into the bay and make the most of the calm conditions in the comfort of the sheltered waters. Hopefully for this young Humpback, he will have the opportunity to meet a friend soon of a similar age and curiosity level. The Humpback highway is still consistent and we look forward to seeing what the next few weeks will bring for the last of the northern migration.

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