Bremer Bay Beaked Whale Hunt

Bremer Bay Beaked Whale Hunt today as the Orca displayed their incredible hunting skillset in another successful Beaked Whale hunt. Our morning began with bubbly and enthusiastic Pilot Whales who surrounded us as brand new calves and their mums cruised past the bow. Spy hopping followed as all around us the gorgeous faces of Pilot Whales bobbed above the oceans surface like corks in the sea. It made us smile to see those happy little faces smiling back towards us with curious eyes wide open. The Pilot Whales travelled with us for a while before they pushed out towards the continental shelf and we continued onwards to The Patch. Hazy blows around us were spotted as we followed the movement of the Orca who were in complete stealth mode.

The energy quickly changed as the Beaked Whale they had been tracking all morning now surfaced and the Bremer Bay Beaked Whale hunt began. The family surged powerfully to regroup and surround the Beaked Whale as we watched on to see how the family would coordinate this hunt. Shredder approached the Beaked Whale and bit down into the peduncle which began to bleed heavily before she moved away. Watching on in amazement we could see the Orca family patiently waiting for the Beaked Whale to bleed out and become weaker. A short time later we could see the Beaked Whale lose its strength and sadly that was the moment Shredder returned and placed her body over the whale before taking it down into the depths as family pod members followed. The hunt completed and the Orca feasted as the birds squabbled for any scraps they could find. The finale to the day was the Pilot Whales charging back into the area which unsettled the Orca at their dinner table who moved out, only Pilot Whales would have the confidence to disturb feeding apex predators!

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