Bremer Bay Blue Whale

Bremer Bay Blue Whale was our first sighting today before a cheeky Fur Seal, ecstatic Striped Dolphins, curious Pilot Whales and wonderful Orca completed a perfect day. The tall and distinctive blow of an ocean giant appeared shortly after departing the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour. It was a beautiful, young Blue Whale on the migration journey towards the Perth Canyon. It was a relief to see this lovely Bremer Bay Blue Whale travelling in sheltered waters close to the coastline and out of reach from the Orca. Our Perth Canyon Blue Whale tours will be beginning soon and we hope to catch up with this beautiful Blue Whale in the coming weeks during our time in the Perth Canyon. Wishing her well we continued on to The Patch as slinky dorsal fins appeared amongst the Shearwaters. The Orca were in town and pacing the foraging grounds in stealth mode as a Fur Seal seemed relaxed right in the middle of everything without a care in the world.

Leaving Koomba and his mum to continue their foraging our next interaction was with a beautiful pod of Striped Dolphin. Predominately mothers and calves, we were in awe of the tiny calves racing alongside their mothers enthusiastically. Keeping ahead of the Orca nearby the mums and bubs raced through the area porpoising as they went. Cheryl and her family pod were excited to see us as they came directly towards our bow before swimming with us on their journey out to deeper water. It was lovely to see this family again as big boys B-Slice and Giovanni are always such an impressive sight as they swim amongst their younger pod members. A ruffling of white water began to approach us quickly as Pilot Whales decided to complete a fantastic day of species sighted. The entire family pod of forty plus individuals came straight over to swim with us providing a perfect opportunity to see the distinctive differences in their appearance compared to the Orca. A unique and wonderful day with the extra special moment of our first Blue Whale sighting for Season 2022 and we are looking forward to many more days with the Blue Whales in the Perth Canyon very soon.

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