Bremer Bay False Killer Whales

Bremer Bay False Killer Whales were a surprise first sighting today shortly after departing the boat harbour before Orca and Pilot Whales completed our perfectly themed dolphin day. A breeze ruffled the surface and the distinctive elongated head of False Killer Whales cut through the swell and came directly towards our bow. Generally found further offshore, our last sighting of False Killer Whales was all the way back in April 2021 so to see them today was a fantastic surprise. The pod seemed relaxed and we had an inkling that they may be following the salmon run that is currently getting underway along the southern WA coastline. Wishing them well for their day ahead we continued on to the sighting grounds with a good amount of Shearwaters and Gannets following us along the way.

Orca just ahead as we arrived in The Patch as members of Queens family pod came over for morning greetings. Chalky and Hookfin were also enjoying some social time and it appeared that they had been successful in locating squid for breakfast as a large oil slick began to form. It seemed to attract the attention of another dolphin species, Pilot Whales had arrived on scene! The family was happy and travelling closely together, we were so pleased to see two brand new calves swimming excitedly alongside their mums. Gorgeous spy hops always display the wonderfully curious nature of this species and it is always a joy to spend time with them. Cheryl and her family were our next interaction as big boys B-Slice and Giovanni surged out to the south with the family pod. A busy morning for all of our dolphins today and what a privilege it is to witness these three species all on the one wonderful day, only in Bremer Bay of course.

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