Bremer Bay Killer Whale Population

The Bremer Bay Killer Whale population is one of the most incredible populations in the world as today we met a new family pod and were able to document individuals not yet catalogued. A fantastic example of how even after all these years there is still many more Orca to be discovered in the waters off our southern coastline. The family we met today are a mature, established family pod with approximately 11-13 individuals most of whom are enormous adults. Impressively this pod has not one but five powerful males travelling together including three mature bulls and two older sprouters. They were just beautiful and moved through the calm conditions today with ease as they journeyed together in search of a meal. The size of these individuals was also impressive with the huge bodies of the males towering above the others and even the females body condition was powerfully built as they all moved together strongly.

The research we complete onboard includes much work with photo identification and documenting the Bremer Bay Killer Whale population in the waters off our southern coastline. Every season we have the opportunity of spending time with family pods we know well but also meeting other pods who don’t regularly frequent The Patch. Today was a great example of how every season it is important to complete data collection even until the last few tours of the season. This particular family pod we met today has individuals who have not yet been documented and today provided a perfect opportunity to add this special family pod to the catalogue. Hopefully we will have the chance to see this family more regularly in future seasons as  they were incredibly impressive. Every day in The Patch is unique and as we approach winter the movement of the Orca will begin to change with the season and movement of available prey.

Also sighted today was a very unique female who has a special dorsal fin with the tip flattened. Travelling with this new pod she will be a unique individual who is easy to recognise in the future.

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