Bremer Bay Killer Whale Royalty

Bremer Bay Killer Whale royalty on a picturesque Autumn day as we Joined The Pod with some of the populations most fundamental pod members. Today unfolded into an incredibly relaxing, enjoyable and research worthy day as our intimate interaction with Bremer Bay Killer Whale royalty unfolded. Last nights full moon set the scene with a following magnificent sunrise reflecting how beautiful the wildlife and area we work in daily is and one of the most untouched and wild places on the planet. Sperm Whales filled their bellies with squid last night as a resting lone male logged on the surface, completely at ease in his surrounds. The scarring caused by feisty squid could be sighted on his rostrum as he bobbed sleepily at the waters surface.

Queen, Noosa and family sprawled out in the calm conditions as they took the opportunity to forage and perhaps hone in on the squid being enjoyed by the Sperm Whales. A cheeky Fur Seal floated past as his curious whiskers pointed our way and those big puppy dog eyes rivalled Captain Alby’s as he wondered what we were up to hanging out in the Southern Ocean. The Killer Whales we work with are incredible and today we watched on as wise matriarchs Queen and Noosa led their families and allowed for some social time as well in-between foraging dives. Working with wild Killer Whales is an opportunity to learn more about them everyday and to spend time with these wise matriarchs and elders of the family pods is just like spending time with royalty.

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