Bremer Bay Killer Whale Tour

Bremer Bay Killer Whale tour started today cruising out towards the continental shelf and upon arrival at The Patch we were greeted by scanning shearwaters on the lookout for Killer Whales. Joining with them in the search it wasn’t long until we sighted that big black triangle with a notch mid way up his dorsal fin, that can only be one Killer Whale very well known to The Patch, Mr El Notcho. The family pod were in stealth mode similar to yesterday and we stayed with them as their search for breakfast continued a little exhale got our attention. Orca calf little Samurai zoomed straight over to us with much enthusiasm and cheekiness. Mother Shredder wasn’t too far away from her little one and did a few loops around our vessel almost to show us where to go. Shredder and Samurai led the way for almost the whole day seeming determined as they pushed out towards their family pod a very big distance away.

Scanning the horizon for their family we noticed a familiar dorsal fin once again, it was El Notcho and the family still in forage mode. Surrounding this area were further Orca and it was soon clear they had found something as the surge began. The Orca net constricted as they raced in towards each other and amongst all the commotion a wall of white water was now heading straight towards the Orca. Pilot Whales surged towards the Orca and there was close on 300 plus individuals spread over a couple of mile on the march. The hunt was quick as the Orca successfully secured a squid but didn’t have long to begin feeding as the Pilot Whales were now within meters of them. It was a fascinating interaction as it appeared the Pilot’s were trying to steal the squid from the Orca as Cookie and Swirl carried their meal quickly away from the area. Eventually the Pilot Whales pealed away which left the family pod to feast. A busy Bremer Bay Killer Whale tour and a fantastic interaction between these two wonderful species.

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