Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2020

Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2020 started today and within moments of arriving at the Patch an unmistakable silhouette appeared ahead, the Orca had arrived! Urkel and Noosa were cruising together along with the rest of the family pod and it was so wonderful to see them after a year of missing them. They were relaxed and curious, approaching us to investigate before continuing on with their morning forage. The dedicated Shearwaters and Albatross were never too far from them as they hovered above, ever careful not to miss the movements of the powerful Orca.

A slinky dorsal fin broke the surface and we were very excited to meet our first Sunfish for Season 2020 and he was big one too. Gracefully bobbing along, he didn’t seemed fazed by our company or that of the nearby Orca who were in forging mode. It was only a few moments later when we all excitedly turned to see our darling Queen appear on our stern, the great matriarch had come to welcome us back to the canyon! In typical fashion, she approached with her family curiously swam straight towards and underneath us, the equivalent of an Orca hug. It was also with much excitement we were able to spot Stormy, the young calf from last season and she was healthy and happily travelling alongside her mum. A very exciting start to Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2020!

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