Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2024

Bremer Bay Killer Whales 2024 has been a wonderful start to the season as today we caught up with B-Slice and his family pod. A cool breeze ruffled the oceans surface as we departed Bremer Bay and with winds easing today it was set to be an enjoyable day out on the water. A muffled blow was followed by dorsal fins as Razor and Eddie approached our bow first for morning greetings before the rest of the family pod was observed far and wide in forage mode. It was a busy morning for them as they all covered ground in search of breakfast. The morning search was interrupted by a friendly approach and greeting as each pod member came over to say hello. It is always special that first interaction with a family pod after you have not seen them since last season, it is just like a family reunion!

Giovanni is looking fantastic and little Millie has grown a lot since we saw her last with the whole family pod looking in good health. Further foraging followed and a small squid was captured with a slick left behind as the family moved back in towards The Patch. It was now time to play after all that hard work foraging and the entire family pod approached the Steep Point for some fun. Swimming underneath and around us as they moved slowly and came in to interact with all of our Pod Members onboard. A wonderful day with the Bremer Bay Killer Whales and it was fantastic to spend time with one of the much loved family pods and to see them all healthy, happy and doing what they do best. The season ahead will be very interesting as we have the opportunity to continue learning and studying the Orca that call these waters home.

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