Bremer Bay Killer Whales Foraging

Bremer Bay Killer Whales foraging is a wonderful opportunity to witness the coordination, intelligence and focus of these apex predators. Shearwaters and Albatross surrounded us shortly after arriving in The Patch as the distinctive blows of Orca could be sighted below the clouds of birds. It was a very special pod we have not sighted since last season, Matriarch CC and her family were moving powerfully through the hunting grounds. Big males Blackberry and Elvis were both looking fantastic and in superb health as they travelled alongside the rest of their family. Focused and intently moving east, the family was on the hunt for something to eat. Foraging dives would take them into the depths as we moved through 900-1200 meters of water.

The energy changed and we noticed that the family had finished their time foraging and were now continuing to the east, another Orca family pod had arrived. The tall and distinctive dorsal fin of El Notcho sliced through the swell as he made his way towards us, how wonderful to see this much loved male and his family again! Swirl raced over to our bow and showed off her beautiful saddle patch as her belly size had us all wondering if perhaps Swirl is expecting. The family continued to forage in their much loved part of the Bremer Bay Orca hunting grounds as another well known family joined in on the action. Queen (aka Split Tip) and her family pod were on the hunt and little Stormy seemed to be eating the leftovers of a small meal of squid, just enough for her and one pod member to enjoy as the Bremer Bay Killer Whales forage continued into the afternoon.

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