Bremer Bay Killer Whales (Orca)

Extraordinary☀ That was the best way to describe the day we had in the Bremer Canyon today as we departed Bremer Bay in picture perfect conditions. Common Dolphins greeted us and we sighted three Sunfish in under an hour, that is a new record! Beautiful Albatross and Shearwaters lingered close to the vessel but it was just after lunch that we sighted the streamlined black fluke of Orca cut through the calm Southern Ocean as they moved straight towards us.

We noticed almost instantly a recognisable Orca, she is due to the fact her dorsal fin is missing. Lucky is in great health and believed to have her calf travelling with her and is one of the easier to identify individuals because of her unique appearance, but we still think she is beautiful! A big male surfaced only meters away and his dorsal was so large it even had a wobble going after each surfacing as he followed along with the rest of the pod. A sleepy New Zealand Fur Seal was enjoying an afternoon grooming session and one of our special Sunfish was sighted carefully plucking Blue Bottle Jellyfish for his lunch from the surface, a behaviour never before seen onboard and a very special and important moment captured on another fantastic day in the Bremer Canyon.

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