Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Bremer Bay Killer Whales are feeding in the Bremer Canyon now as Season 2020 gets underway and the largest Orca congregation in the Southern Hemisphere begins to form. Arriving in the Patch and looking carefully, a small group of Shearwaters glided past when suddenly the call went out from our stern, “Orca just behind!” as one of our eagle eyed guests onboard spotted Razor and her calf Blade.They raced towards our bow and it wasn’t long until the rest of the family pod including B-Slice arrived in similar fashion. Now that the family had all taken turns approaching underneath our vessel and bow riding, it was time to head west at a steady pace and enjoy the company.

They were all very playful and even the adults enjoyed some social time as the two large males moved out to our port side. The calves excitedly played as they leapt, pushed and shouldered each other in hunting tactic games. Blade was very active and a beautiful spy hop amongst the youngest members of this family captured the moment perfectly. After enjoying their company, we spent some time with the two big males who were also socialising, although in a slightly more dominant manner. They would both surface together before racing underneath our bow as they showed off their immense size, a truely spectacular sight to witness two apex predators side by side.

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