Bremer Bay Orca 2020

The Bremer Bay Orca 2020 season is fast approaching and as we countdown the days until our first tour on January 3rd, we wonder what will be discovered this coming Orca season. Western Australia has welcomed a very early start to our summer as we break records, including five 40+ degree days in a row this December! This has not gone unnoticed by the wildlife, in fact the WA Humpback Whale migration finished 2-3 weeks earlier than usual this season. Wildlife have an incredible way of knowing ahead of time what might be lying ahead, their senses and ability to understand the world around them have not yet been fully discovered and appreciated.

The Humpback Whales knew that summer was arriving early and instead of being caught out in the powerful heatwave which could have proved fatal, they made the journey towards the Antarctic feeding grounds much earlier this year than usual. Keeping with the rhythm of all things wild, the Bremer Bay Orca 2020 season will be a fascinating one. We are anticipating a fast paced start to the season, fast tracking forward with the early heat of summer kickstarting the flow of the feeding season in the Bremer Canyon. January and February should be very busy and we will wait to see if the early summer means that the feeding season will start to slow by mid March onwards.

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