Bremer Bay Orca Calves Play

Bremer Bay Orca calves play in pristine waters throughout our day as the next generation of Queens family pod had us completely besotted. The morning was warm and calm as we made our way towards the sighting grounds and right on the continental shelf we were surrounded by Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins with over one hundred individuals surging our way. Bow riding and having a completely fantastic time the Bottlenose enjoyed some fun before returning back to their journey and onwards to find the next meal. Hazy blows just ahead indicated that the Orca were in town and we smiled to see Queen and her family pod all stretched out and enjoying the sunshine as the calves immediately raced over to us and we could tell it was playtime. 

Stormy, Stevie, Samurai, Opal and Bubbles were set for an entire day of nonstop action as they breached, fluke slapped and chased after one another before surrounding us constantly. Fascinated with everyone onboard we could hear the calves vocalising as they lifted their eyes above water level and looked directly back towards everyone onboard. Queen, Noosa and Wonks along with the rest of the family pod were resting only a few meters aways and taking the time to relax and rest for a few hours while the calves played. It wasn’t until after lunch that a slight ruffling of breeze swept across the oceans surface as Pilot Whales surged into the area which caused the Orca to regroup and move back into foraging mode. Bremer Bay Orca calves play on many occasions but it is a very special interaction to spend our entire time with them in nonstop social mode, these calves would have to be some of the healthiest and happiest in the world!

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