Bremer Bay Orca Chalky

Bremer Bay Orca Chalky is our mascot and much loved member of the Bremer Orca population who was seen surging today amongst four different family pods. It was set to be a busy day for the Orca as they covered ground efficiently as shortly after arriving Kidji and her family surfaced right alongside for a big greeting as we have not seen much of them over the last week. It was a very warm and welcoming approach as they all surrounded us and big boy Hookfin surfaced right on our bow excitedly. Milling around us for a while the family had regrouped when the call went out and it was time to surge to the west with gusto! Members of Queens pod also joined in the surge as the Orca covered ground efficiently as they breached, porpoised and surfed together. Orca will often surge in this way to cover large areas of the foraging grounds to herd prey, scan efficiently or move out of an area so Beaked Whale feel a little more comfortable to return.

The surge is often dramatic and beautiful to watch as all members move out to cover large areas and initially make the call with multiple breaches and tail slaps. Once everyone knows it is time to go they move at speed and cover ground efficiently with breaching along the way ensuring everyone continues to stay within communication distance of one another. The surge can take them for many miles until they settle, regroup and begin to make their way back up towards The Patch. It was very much the story of the day as Hookfin, Chalky and Stella moved powerfully back up towards The Patch along with other pod members spread far and wide. Orca move with such efficiency and power it is always brilliant to watch and see how they move both individually and collectively with precision and symmetry. It was wonderful to see them all including Bremer Bay Orca Chalky today as he once again displayed why he is one of the kings of the canyons.

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