Bremer Bay Orca Daycare

Bremer Bay Orca Daycare unfolded today as we met with three family pods and found ourselves entertaining the youngsters. A ruffling of wind made the day easier for the birds as they soared gracefully and followed the Orca who were in foraging mode. The three families broke up into different pods and often mingled together throughout the day. Wonks was back again from yesterday and looking well with his gorgeous sprouting dorsal fin showing off every little wobble and nick along the leading edge. Spreading themselves throughout The Patch ensured every opportunity of finding prey when it moved past the area and all Orca in each pod was focused on finding their next meal.

All of the orca except the youngsters of course who were as usual in a playful, curious mood and rather mischievous as they raced away from their babysitters to play underneath our bow. Surfing the swell in towards us and rolling sideways for a better look creates the most beautiful colours. The clean Southern Ocean broken up by flashes of jet black and white speeding past just like torpedoes. Bremer Bay Orca daycare is not unusual as often the females will create a creche situation so that the calves can play and socialise together while the adults forage and rest a short distance away. A brilliant start to our season and wonderful to be seeing multiple families already gathering in The Patch and on the hunt for their summer feast in the Bremer Canyons.

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