Bremer Bay Orca Experience Final Days

Bremer Bay Orca Experience final days for Season 2023 as the Orca had a very busy squid hunting day in The Patch followed by some Easter family gatherings. The pitter patter of rain welcomed us this morning as the change of season could be seen and felt today as we fast approach the winter months. The rain never dampens the spirit of the Orca or those who come to see them as within moments of arriving in The Patch many blows appeared and we had Orca surging straight towards the Steep Point. It was Queen and her girls as they zoomed in towards us at pace and the little ones were most excited to see us as we had belly up hugs all round. The family was relaxed but focused as we noticed they appeared to be stalking something that was close and all eyes scanned for signs of prey in the area. Suddenly the surge was on as what they had been stalking was now on the run to the west as all pod members surfed the swell.

It was an exhilarating ride to the west as Orca surged all around us and it is always special to see the younger calves racing alongside their mums. Propelling themselves forward their little bodies look small but powerful as they cover ground quickly alongside the adults who have many years of experience with these fast paced surges. It didn’t take long as the family regrouped with a very large slick now forming on the oceans surface as the kill had been made. The distinctive scent and appearance of squid was being shared amongst the pod members and we smiled to see Hermes and her family had also been involved in the hunt today. All pod members feasted on the reward of their hunt and after bellies were full is was now time to play. Breaching, tail slapping and wrestling unfolded as the families mingled with much excitement, it certainly felt very much like a family Easter gathering for them all to enjoy. Queen came over and sat with us peacefully for a long time, she is such a special Orca and we love every moment we have the privilege of spending with her. It had us wondering if this will be the last time we get to enjoy her company for this year as we see the Bremer Bay Orca Experience final days unfold this weekend.

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