Bremer Bay Orca Families

Bremer Bay Orca Families are starting to gather in The Patch and coordinate their foraging as over thirty Orca from three different family pods joined us today. Moments after arriving in the sighting grounds we could see the Shearwaters and Albatross gathering in big numbers as they followed the Orca and never let a surfacing out of their sight. It is for good reason as by following an apex predator you are likely to find an easier meal and that is exactly what unfolded for the seabirds. A distinctive oil slick surrounded a small clump of squid looking flesh as the birds squabbled over this precious scrap. A small meal which could make the world of difference for these birds and sustain them through until the next feeding opportunity.

The Orca continued on with their foraging but it didn’t stop the little ones from enjoying some playtime as they surfed through the swell towards our bow. Diving underneath and around us as they cam in for a closer look it is always thrilling to be so close to these magnificent creatures. Queen showed up and within moments after her arrival the energy lifted and all Orca began to surge quickly with white water flying all around. Coordination is key when different family pods are working alongside each other and it was brilliant to see Queen, Alki and Cookie moving as one today. El Notcho is looking well as he swam past quickly and along with Nani and Wonks the boys in the population continue to grow bigger and bigger each season.

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