Bremer Bay Orca Hunt

Today it was the Bremer Bay Orca Hunt as on our arrival we journeyed with over one hundred Pilot Whales and then the Orca started to surge west… the hunt was on! The Pilot Whales were first to great us in the canyon as dozens of Shearwaters and Albatross moved like ballerinas of the sky as they twisted and turned gracefully without running into each other. The Pilot Whales were feeding as they travelled east with numerous oil slicks forming on the surface and playful behaviour including spy hopping, bow riding and underwater acrobatics showing off their bellies to us on the surface. The Pilot Whales were having a good feed today and now it was time for the Orca, surging to the west we were surrounded by the torpedo missiles as they lifted themselves above the surface and covered ground. After a long surge we changed direction and began to move back up towards the Patch when a large oil slick began to form just up ahead. Dozens of seabirds began to circle once more as tiny Storm Petrels gently scooped up mouthfuls of the surface oil for a nutritious hydration and liquid energy food source. The Orca surfaced close by and after sharing their meal below they began to show playful behaviour as the young male approached a Lions Mane Jellyfish and thankfully didn’t cause any damage, just a playful and gentle mouthing to floss his teeth! The three young calves raced towards us as they said their goodbyes and we wished them a successful evening ahead after their successful morning hunt.

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