Bremer Bay Orca Research Continues

Bremer Bay Orca Research continues as we enjoyed another wonderful day observing and documenting the Orca as they worked together alongside multiple family pods. A wonderful stretch of weather we have enjoyed of late as big blue skies, a calm sea and warm weather have made the journey out to The Patch superb. The seabirds were plentiful on the journey out today which was good to see as it indicated good signs of life in the area and on our arrival John and team were once again enjoying the company of Orca. Settled into the heart of The Patch the families were busy in forage mode but made sure to come over and say good morning as they often do which is always a lovely way to start our day. The family pod was relaxed and comfortable as they moved alongside us and we could see that it was looking to be a day of foraging for the Orca. The purpose of everyday for the families is to look for that next meal opportunity and this can sometimes take many hours when the fishing is slim.

Monitoring the population and their change of foraging movements is an important part of our studies as we observe the matriarchs leadership during this time. The change of season brings many things including a change of prey availability as the momentum of Squid and Beaked Whale can shift as the flow of baleen whales begins to start. Larger prey need larger Orca numbers to partake in a successful hunt and minimise the risk of injury for the Orca involved. The matriarchs know this and will begin to work alongside family pods within their neighbourhood and build the number of Orca working the foraging grounds at any given time. Still on the lookout for their staples (Squid and Beaked Whale) the Orca will now also be in a good position should they come across an early migratory Humpback, Blue Whale or Minke Whale starting their journey towards warmer waters for the winter and spring. Our Bremer Bay Orca Research continues onboard every tour and over the thousands of hours we have enjoyed as a family spending time with the Orca in their home grounds we have worked hard to ensure never a moment has been squandered as every day with the Orca is a precious opportunity to learn more about them.

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