Bremer Bay Orca Science and Biology

Bremer Bay Orca science and biology is taught onboard every tour with Whale Watch Western Australia and we are very proud to welcome our Marine Scientist Josh and Marine Biologist Kerryn. Joining the pod almost six months ago in the heart of the Humpback Whale season, we are very excited to welcome Josh and Kerryn to Bremer Bay as they continue to educate our Pod Members on each of our journeys and support our research and data collection onboard.

It was an exciting start to our morning as shortly after arriving in The Patch Orca were sighted along with hundreds of Shearwaters and a few Albatross following them closely. Cookie and her family pod were first on the scene as they happily approached and greeted us, it was wonderful to see that the family had recently completed a hunt with a few oil slicks about. Second pod in The patch was Alki and her family as they also came over for their good mornings and it was wonderful to see little Grace so healthy, Nani bigger and stronger again along with the cheeky Madison racing over for her GoPro moment! It was about to increase in excitement levels as a breach from Grace was the start of a surge to the west as the acceleration of energy and speed was immense.

All pod members began to race with the swell, charging to the west and surging enthusiastically as tail slapping and breaching continued. Each pod member took their turn approaching us and riding in our wake along with bow riding, proudly displaying that being the largest of all dolphins they possess this skill in epic style! It was exhilarating to be so close to these beautiful apex predators moving like missiles below our feet as they continued westbound until matriarch Alki pulled everyone up before regrouping. It was now time to head back towards The Patch and the slower pace was noticeable as the family worked hard into the swell creating some powerful moments as they all surfaced together in unison. A fantastic day with the Orca and it is wonderful to have both Josh and Kerryn bringing their expertise to the Bremer Canyon with many more fun times to follow.

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