Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021

Bremer Bay Orca Season 2021 is underway and another exciting day with the Orca was enjoyed as Noosa and her family pod were once again in The Patch. Shortly after arriving, the distinctive exhalations of multiple Orca travelling together appeared and we could quickly recognise matriarch Noosa leading her family on the mornings adventure. The mature females seemed very relaxed as they cruised past while the calves had some fun, including newest pod member little Stevie. Racing past and completing mini Orca calf surging, the small and fast tuffs of white water popped up around us as the calves chased and followed one another.

Play is an important part of family social structure and building close bonds. Stevie is now strong enough to keep up with the older calves in her family pod and is having a wonderful time learning the ways of being an Orca. The beautiful birdlife today was also surrounding us with special moments as they would glide past our bow within a few feet of camera lenses with the three Wandering Albatross (including two juveniles) stealing the show with their enormous wingspan of 3.5 meters! The early afternoon sighted an energy change as the family pod began to focus in on foraging and we watched as the calves now filed in close to their mothers as the early stages of finding afternoon tea began and we wished them well in finding food for everyone.

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