Bremer Bay Orca Squid Hunt

Bremer Bay Orca squid hunt unfolded today as Cookie, El Notcho and the family successfully captured an enormous squid for breakfast. Stealthy dorsal fins broke the surface as we approached The Patch and we could see that the Orca were focused. The distinctive dorsal fin of El Notcho was quickly followed by the rest of the family pod and it was fantastic to see them all again for the first time in Season 2023. It was clear they were onto something and we watched carefully as the Orca net closed in on the prey they were following. The surge was quick as they pushed out to the east and we knew they had pushed their meal closer to the surface and now within their range. A large slick formed at the surface and we knew that the kill had been made with a large plume of brownish-green hue indicating that the squid had released the ink sacs in an attempt to disorientate the Orca but unfortunately for the squid to no avail.

It was a very large slick and as Swirl surfaced she showed off a huge chunk of flesh that she was carrying happily. The rest of the family were also carrying food and began to feast all around us, often approaching the bow to show off their meal. It is always a privilege to be welcomed to the Orca dinner table and today we enjoyed every moment observing the happy, content Orca family meticulously tearing apart the daintiest of squid pieces to share amongst the pod. The squid had been a large one of at least a few meters in length which could indicate a juvenile Giant Squid that the Orca were able to capture today. Meal enjoyed and the weather now starting to change they rested for a while with full bellies being the perfect time for a siesta. A while later it was back into foraging mode as the family spread out and began the disciplined process repeated from earlier on in the morning to find and secure that next meal.

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