Bremer Bay Orca Strike Again

Bremer Bay Orca strike again as the low rumble of thunder and lighting accentuated the dramatic morning as shortly after arriving in The Patch the Orca surged powerfully, another Beaked Whale hunt was taking place. The electricity in the air filtered through the Orca as they surged with urgency to where everyone else was gathering in a hurry. Multiple blows filled the air and the Orca began to gather in hunting formation as another white water commotion began. Todays Beaked Whale appeared to be smaller than yesterdays as the Orca easily overpowered the individual. Flukes were flying as the distinctive beak broke the surface before another cloud of red stained the waters surface. The hunt was effective and quickly the Orca had managed to secure their meal as dozens of birds plummeted into the oil slick now forming. Noosa, Queen (aka Split Tip), Alki along with their family members and others gathered around the slick to prepare for the meal ahead.

The families began to move our way and were bringing their meal with them proudly. Swimming past and around the bow, the smell was pungent and we could see the glimpses of red and white flesh being carried. The birds were having a wonderful feast as the families divided up their meal and moved off into slightly different directions. Joining with Alki and her family pod with young male Nani appearing to be carrying the bulk of their meal. Twisting, turning and tearing below the waters surface as every little morsel was fastidiously prepared and enjoyed. Young calf Grace was right in and amongst the food sharing as she followed Nani around carefully. The family continued to feed regularly throughout the day as their meal was carried with them and later in the afternoon is was special to watch as Maddison took on Nani’s role and began to carry a smaller amount of the meal as Grace followed. Another significant hunt in less than 24 hours today as Bremer Bay Orca strike again amongst the thunder clouds. A surprise visit of an old Loggerhead Turtle and curious Australian Sea Lion once we were back alongside in the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour completed another incredible day in the wild of the Southern Ocean.

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