Bremer Bay Orca Sunday Feast

The Bremer Bay Orca were enjoying a Sunday feast and forage on squid today as they hunted together and showed great teamwork to secure their meal for the day. Our first encounter was with well known El Notcho, Cookie, Oreo and family who were busily foraging along the canyon wall. Our second interaction was with fast growing B-Slice who is now looking like a typical teenage male Orca with the attitude to follow… curious and boisterous all at once! Razor, B-Slice and Adina who we have not seen for a little while were busy hunting together and it is very exciting to see the growth in B-Slice and Adina who, as teenage males both have a lot of growing to do yet but are developing into very healthy and strong looking males. A magnificent Wandering Albatross crossed paths with the Bremer Bay Orca as he searched for a long awaited meal while Brock the male Australian Sea Lion was back in town and looking very handsome, even with his cute mini me!

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