Bremer Bay Orca Torpedoes

Bremer Bay Orca Torpedoes Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Bay Orca torpedoes propelled towards us today as they surfed the swell in-between foraging dives in The Patch. The days are starting to get shorter with the cloud cover welcoming us most mornings now as we move further through autumn. It was an efficient trip out as we arrived in The Patch and scanned carefully for signs of our oceans apex predator. Spread and covering ground we could see Cookie and her family working The Patch consistently as they focused in on foraging dives and maintained a careful watch over the area. Prey is often elusive and not easy to capture so the Orca need to work consistently and efficiently to ensure they position themselves in the best locations to secure their daily meals. It had been a busy morning of foraging work as the family decided to regroup and surf their way towards the Steep Point.

It is always a thrill to watch them surf the swell with such ease and one of the favourite pastimes of the Orca is to propel themselves at us like torpedoes. Watching them from afar you can see them line-up and position towards our midships before accelerating at big speeds straight towards everyone onboard. Diving at the last minute before impact we see a flash of black and white below our feet before they re-emerge on the other side with a noisy exhale and splash. It was the theme of the day as in-between their important foraging they would surge to regroup or come over for some social interaction before getting back to foraging work. Poppy was once again keeping up with everyone easily and very much enjoyed practising her torpedo and surging skills. A wonderful day with the Bremer Bay Orca and fantastic to see them all looking so healthy and working hard in their favourite summer and early autumn hunting grounds.

Today was also our last tour for this Orca season with our wonderful Pod Member Ambrose who has been a brilliant team member throughout his time onboard. A very big thank you to our cool cat Ambrose for his kindness, wonderful work ethic and eagle eye spotting skills throughout every day and always with a smile and calm attitude. Our pod are going to miss you but are very much looking forward to seeing you back onboard again soon! Signing off with the now famous words of Ambrose, “Copy Thaaaaaaat” 😉

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