Bremer Bay Orca

The Orca raced towards us as we arrived at the Bremer Canyon today and within moments we were surrounded by forty excited black and white torpedoes who raced alongside our vessel and looked carefully at everyone on the bow. We must have arrived shortly after a successful hunt as everyone seemed content and playful after their morning breakfast which meant we soon became part of the game!

To be so close to wild Orca is an absolute privilege and to see their movement through the water and interaction amongst pod members is a wonderful education. We followed the main pod for most of the morning as they continued to look for their next meal with a few close passes to make sure everyone on the bow was still focused on them and their beauty! We noticed the second pod actively foraging and resurfaced close by with all pod members excitedly surfing the swell and the young calves even tails slapped and breached a few times, our suspicion was another successful hunt and moments later a large oil slick started to form on the surface… they had found their afternoon tea.