Bremer Bay Pilot Whales

A beautiful day greeted us and our journey to the Bremer Canyon began as we arrived to Albatross, Petrels and Shearwaters gliding above the swell and dozens of Pilot Whales taking charge of the canyon. Moving together in unison we watched as all age groups travelled together, large mature males with battle wound scars and tiny newborn calves only a few days old still showing their fetal folds. A baby Pilot Whale will be curled up inside of mum and days after birth their soft skin is still stretching out the lines that were created before birth. Looking like mini tigers they are absolutely gorgeous at this young age and a much paler grey coloration compared to the rest of the pod. The Pilot Whales enjoyed some social activity and we sighted spy hopping, fluke slapping and a couple of cheeky mouthfuls of water were sent flying! A splash on our journey home captured our attention and within seconds we were surrounded by flying Common Dolphins who were completely airborne alongside as they porpoised with the energy of our boat. Slowing to meet them all it took only a few moments for the curious Common’s to swim up to our bow for a closer look and their friendly personalities and enthusiasm was on full display. Magnificent looking Dolphins with their yellow tinged bellies and streamlined design it was a lot of fun to spend some time with them and enjoy a few of their finest arial acrobatics.

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