Bremer Bay Striped Dolphin Superpod

Bremer Bay Striped Dolphin Superpod took over the continental shelf today as over 1,000 beautiful Striped Dolphins surged and porpoised their way towards us and within moments we were completely surrounded. A beautiful morning and calm sea was highlighted by the arrival of this superpod and we were very excited to see that we had Striped Dolphins whom we normally spend many hours with out in the Perth Canyon on our Blue Whale tours. Playful and exuberant, they launched themselves completely out of the water to show off their perfectly marked bodies and streak black lines giving the appearance of delicate mascara. They excitedly began to bow ride with us and it was a very special moment to be surrounded by so much life of the most beautiful kind.

The only thing that kept us from continuing with the superpod was a distinctive dorsal fin, El Notcho and his family were in town. Joining with them and calmly cruising to the east our day unfolded in the most relaxed fashion. We spent our entire day foraging with matriarch Cookie and her family as they cruised through the calm ocean and the jet black of their bodies shined. It was a consistent day as they foraged carefully in search of a meal. Swirl came over to say hello and swam directly underneath our bow before the entire family welcomed us to their pod. Joining the Pod in this way ensures that the Orca are in control of the interaction and there is nothing better than being welcomed into the family and travelling with wild Orca only meters away on such a perfect day.

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