Bremer Bay Wildlife Adventure

Bremer Bay Wildlife Adventure today as we met Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Striped Dolphins, Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Sea Lions, a cheeky Fur Seal and of course Orca! The winds had eased after a weather front moved through yesterday and we were ready to go on another beautiful morning as we cruised out to The Patch. Arriving in the sighting grounds we could see that the energy in the area was relaxed and it looked likely that the Orca were foraging further afield. The search began as we pushed out of The Patch and soon afterwards came across a muffled blow of an ocean giant, the Sperm Whale. A beautiful big male was getting ready for his next foraging dive as each steady exhale showed off the angled and muffled blow distinctive of the worlds largest toothed predator. The arch of a powerful peduncle was followed by the graceful tail dive made famous by these stunning creatures, many species will tail dive but none quite as beautiful as that of a Sperm Whale.

Wishing him well for his lunch dive our next interaction came as a wall of white water raced past our bow at hight speeds, over two hundred Striped Dolphins were on the march. Turning quickly we thought it was an odd move so went to investigate further ahead of them and soon found out why, a pod of Pilot Whales and Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins were travelling together and heading straight towards the Striped Dolphins. Social and playful it was great to see them all enjoying their day as they continued onwards with foraging dives when the call from John and his team came in. Orca had been observed not far away as we said farewell to the Pilot Whales and began to move out towards the Orca. The journey towards that area took us past the Striped Dolphins once again as they barrelled over towards us and enjoyed some spectacular bow and wake riding. The distinctive dorsal fins of orca surfaced as they could be seen heading in a westerly direction back towards The Patch. It appeared the family was still patiently tracking for food as they were spread over a vast area and travelling big distances.

The pod members were relaxed and enjoying a steady swim that covered ground efficiently as we enjoyed observing the oceans apex predator in forage mode. It was an action packed Bremer Bay wildlife adventure day as we had the opportunity to observe a second Sperm Whale as Craig made the call from our stern. Arriving we were pleased to see this was a different individual from our first Sperm Whale interaction earlier in the day and he was also getting ready for another spectacular tail dive. The coastline of Bremer Bay set the scene as the graceful fluke melted into the inky afternoon sunshine and our gentle giant was once again drifting towards the depths below. Australian Sea Lions and a cheeky Fur Seal completed a very busy wildlife day with some of our oceans most remarkable species observed reflecting the wonders of Bremer Bay.

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