Bremer Canyon Cafe

The Bremer Canyon Cafe is filling the bellies of the Orca with plenty of food as on our arrival today a strong oil slick shimmered on the surface of the Southern Ocean. Albatross, Shearwaters and Storm Petrels danced across the surface and the sleek dorsal fins of Orca broke the surface. It was B-Slice and his family again who greeted us with a warm welcome before continuing on with their breakfast. The slick continued to spread and we could see the tiny Storm Petrels dipping their beaks carefully to take a sip of this nutrient rich snack. The Orca were enjoying their meal as they shared amongst the family and everyone was able to get a good feed at the Bremer Canyon Cafe!

The feeding continued into the morning as yet another slick began to form and the entire family spent a good 45 minutes circling the slick and sharing food. The seabirds loved the opportunity to capture small morsels of scraps from the surface and even capture tiny baitfish who were also attracted to all the food in the general area. Everyone content, it was now time to rest as they grouped together and snoozed for a little while before the early afternoon led to some playtime amongst the pod as B-Slice, Razor and Blade began to approach underneath and around us.

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