Bremer Canyon Drones

Whale Watch Western Australia has the worlds very best, eco friendly Bremer Canyon Drones…. seabirds! Albatross, Shearwaters, Petrels and Gannets are always hard at work scanning from the sky for the movements of the Orca. Sighting the black and white torpedoes below they hone in their movements to tightly shadow the Orca and wait patiently for them to resurface. The reason why is all due to food and today all of that hard drone work paid off for the seabirds as the white and ruby red flesh of squid was sighted on the surface after a successful kill and the seabirds squabbled for their meal. The fantastic hunters who provided the meal was the much loved pod of Lucky and her family who had been working throughout the morning to secure this meal. Lucky and her distinctive dorsal came over to say hello and it is always wonderful to see her healthy and well. The rest of the family pod was also in good spirits and looking healthy, round and shiny after a season full of nutritious and regular meals. The colder winter months ahead will mean that a healthy Orca with a thick blubber layer will be able to successfully navigate these more challenging months and thanks to the Bremer Canyon their season has been a very good one with a lot of weight having been put on by the Orca in Lucky’s pod. A wonderful day in the canyon and it is always rewarding to see the Orca and seabirds having a well deserved meal and knowing that their bellies will be full for a little while before the next hunting opportunity.

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