Bremer Canyon Giant Squid

A large object floated on the surface just ahead and on our arrival we discovered an enormous 1.5 meter piece of Bremer Canyon Giant Squid! Ruby red and white it stood out in the blue Southern Ocean and it wasn’t just us who had noticed this tasty morsel but a very large Wandering Albatross who circled three times before making quick landing to begin his meal. Fascinating to observe such a large piece of Bremer Canyon Giant Squid that was leftovers from an Orca meal with only the best bits consumed. Orca gather in the Bremer Canyon to feast on large quantities of this Giant Squid and it was very exciting to see a glimpse of just how large these squid grow… certainly not your average calamari! The Orca were on the hunt and pushed east as the Wandering Albatross and Shearwaters followed closely and the squid was a perfect example why, the Orca provide the seabirds the opportunity to feast on nutritional meals by bringing them up from the depths of the Bremer Canyon. The hungry sharks, fish and micro-organisms all benefit from this food fall as it works its way back down the food chain.

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