Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Expedition

A magnificent Bremer Canyon Voyage of Discovery today as we journeyed to one of our south west sighting grounds that we have not visited since last season. On our arrival an explosion of white water appeared as enormous Sperm Whales breached on the horizon, the Bremer Canyon Killer Whale and Sperm Whale Expedition was about to begin! Seven large male Sperm Whales had just been feeding at a depth of over 1,000 meters and on their arrival at the surface three of them launched into breaches for their first intake of oxygen in over forty minutes, they looked like submarines breaking the surface in incredible fashion! åStaying with them for a few resurfacing’s we enjoyed the company of seven of the largest toothed predators on the planet when Mum made the call of Orca just up ahead, increasing her tally for the year to ten sightings and encroaching a few points behind the lead spotter onboard Whale Watch Western Australia (needless to say our family is very competitive!). A very good sighting it was too as Maleko and his family cruised in a westerly direction and we enjoyed their peaceful company as our energy matched theirs and we watched as they rested and relaxed with regularly downtimes of exactly seven minutes. Journeying a little further east we noticed white water appearing once again and within moments we were completely surrounded by Orca as three different family pods (Queen/Noosa/B-Slice) all surged together. Orca to the left, right, behind and in front of us had everyone giggling with excitement as the energy of the Orca rubbed off onto us and we porpoised with them back towards the Legendary Patch!

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