Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Watching

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Watching is underway in Bremer Bay as today we enjoyed the company of over fifty Orca from three different family pods. It was a beautifully calm day as we departed the boat harbour and soon made our way to the sighting grounds. Scanning The Patch we could see light seabird activity which is not unusual in these weather conditions as the Shearwaters and Albatross scanned patiently. Watching carefully for signs of life it didn’t take too long before the distinctive flash of black and white broke the waters surface as Orca were on the march back up towards The Patch. Queen, Noosa and the family were relaxed and moving efficiently as we all settled in for some Bremer Canyon Killer Whale watching on this fine day.

The sea was calm and you could see for miles as the families stretched out and began to create a good FLOT line on the way back to entrap any Squid or Beaked Whale they might come across. Once back in the heart of the hunting grounds the family settled in for a snooze and made the most of the time they had to rest while there was minimal meal opportunities around. Kidji and her family were also on the move through The Patch along with Alki and her family pod, a total of just over fifty Orca had now surrounded the area. Although not much food was moving through the area today the family pods were making the most of catching up on some relax time and preparing for when the next big meal was going to move through their area.

Throughout our year we have a wonderful opportunity to interact with many different species from Blue Whales feasting in the Perth Canyon to the epic Humpback migration on the west coast and now also on the east coast with our sister company Whale Watch Queensland. It is however truely remarkable to be in the presence of these apex predators and enjoy time Bremer Bay Killer Whale Watching in the Southern Ocean with our Pod Members onboard.

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