Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Watching

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Watching on a beautiful April day as the Orca travelled amongst the many Sperm Whales and Striped Dolphins enjoying some time in the feeding ground. The winds had dispersed from yesterday and with the conditions having settled overnight it was a mix of blue skies and cosy cloud cover that followed us throughout the day. The Killer Whales were in travel mode today and it was no wonder with the feeding grounds buzzing as a bachelor pod of male Sperm Whales and a few hundred Striped Dolphins arrived on scene. It was fascinating to watch as the Orca moved towards the Sperm Whales and showed much interest as their body language became more serious. One of the bachelor males noticed the approaching Orca pod and began to quickly move back towards the three others a few hundred meters away. 

Seeming to pickup on the energy of the approaching Orca he was playing it safe and ensuring that by the time the Orca reached the area he was in the safety bubble of his mates. The Orca took note and changed course slightly, one Sperm Whale would be worth approaching but four along with another two on the outskirts wasn’t going to be worth the risk. Cruising onwards they moved past the Sperm Whales and it was only three hundred meters later a wall of white water exploded on our port side. Striped Dolphins had just noticed the Orca and instantaneously all pivoted together on their flukes and accelerated in the opposite direction. Although we have not observed the Bremer Canyon Orca targeting Striped Dolphins before by the response of the Stripies it was clear to see they don’t like being too close to these apex predators. Bremer Canyon Killer Whale watching is always a fantastic opportunity to explore these intensely nutrient rich and wildlife filled waters just off the coastline of Bremer Bay. It was our first tour for April and a wonderful way to welcome the month with such a lovely day and interactions with multiple Cetacean species. 

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