Bremer Canyon Killer Whale

Bremer Canyon Killer Whales were moving out to the east today as El Notcho and family worked hard to locate their next meal on the long journey towards the Bremer Canyon. It was an overcast sky this morning which made for good spotting conditions as without the glare we were able to have a great view of The Patch. Blows and slinky dorsal fins were sighted shortly after our arrival as big boy El Notcho and Cookie surfaced along with the rest of their family pod. Relaxed and happy to see us as they approached for morning greetings it was lovely to catch up with the family once again as they have been outside of the main sighting grounds for a few days. Looking happy and content they began to settle into forage mode as something captured their attention as they quickly changed course and formed a perfect FLOT line.

Swimming side by side with the same distance in-between each individual enables a net of Orca to work together efficiently and these FLOT lines or forward line of troops is always a very impressive sight to observe. It was only fleeting though as whatever had their attention appeared to have moved out to deeper water. Cookie regrouped and the family began to move out towards the east. Rosemary and Poppy were also travelling alongside Cooee and Echo which has been a similar behaviour observed throughout the whole season so far as they socialise, travel and forage together with Cookie’s pod. It was a lovely day cruising along with them all as they travelled tightly and welcomed us into the long swim east as they would surface alongside us as we took up the end of the FLOT line. A beautiful and relaxing day with the Bremer Canyon Killer Whales as we wished them well and spent some time with the cheeky Sea Lions on Glasse Island. One of the youngsters made us laugh as she wiggled her way down to the waters edge and laid down while placing her head into a puddle, a unique way to cool off!


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