Bremer Canyon Killer Whales

Bremer Canyon Killer Whales can be found in the feeding grounds just off Bremer Bay as matriarchs Cookie and Alki foraged with their families today. There are dozens of deep sea canyons from Cape Leeuwin right through to Esperance. The level of productivity for each canyon varies with the Orca and other wildlife targeting particular canyon systems as their preferred hunting grounds at different times of the season and year. The Bremer Canyon itself is an incredibly powerful provider of food for so many different species including the Orca and as we arrived today we met up with one of the most well known families first.

Cookie and her pod were foraging but it was Swirl who decided she wanted to spend a bit of time socialising with us as she approached and glided belly up underneath our bow. Playful and cheeky it was wonderful to see Swirl so relaxed and content as she returned back towards her family pod. The family continued to forage throughout the morning in search of breakfast as Alki and her family surged into the area to join the hunt. Nani was looking strong and healthy as he came over to say hello while the family relaxed into the afternoon. A decent sized Hammerhead Shark cruised past as Maddison came over for playtime. Moving like a torpedo towards our bow she would roll belly up and be eye to eye with us, we could almost see her smiling! A day of foraging with some of the Bremer Canyon Killer Whales as they searched their backyard which is so familiar to them but much still to learn and discover for our research team.

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